Workers’ Compensation Law

Due to the constant increase of health care and insurance costs, worker's compensation claims have become a major cost of doing business. HSK won't just help you minimize exposure when claims arise - we are committed to helping you prevent claims.

When a dispute does lead to litigation, we will help resolve that case in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner. Promptly upon referral of the case, we will prepare an in-depth assessment of the claim and a comprehensive plan detailing how to best prepare your case. We will represent you in all phases of the worker's compensation process from initial written discovery and fact investigation, depositions of key witnesses, appropriate pre-hearing motions and mediation to the presentation of the case at hearing. We also handle cases heard by the full worker's compensation board, as well as appeals to the Courts of Appeal and beyond. Additionally, we will represent you in related matters such as the assertion and protection of your subrogation interest against third parties.

Worker's compensation law changes quickly and we are committed to keeping abreast of changes in both the statutory and case law and passing this information along to our clients. We are happy to answer our clients' general questions regarding all aspects of the worker's compensation process.