Health Care and Business Law

HSK has extensive experience working with the health care industry. We concentrate on two separate areas; Health Care and Business Law and Professional Liability Defense.

Health Care and Business Law covers all legal issues health care providers face in their daily business operations. These include compliance with state and federal regulations, representation before peer review boards, responding to subpoenas and other legal matters. We prepare contracts, leases and employment agreements. We handle issues unique to the medical field such as confidentiality and medical record ownership. Health Care and Business Law also deals with legal issues that any type of business may face, such as forming and overseeing corporations and employee relations. Over the years medical groups have found they can trust the experience and knowledge of Hunt Suedhoff Kalamaros to protect their reputation and oversee their business.

Professional Liability Defense deals with medical malpractice. Our firm is hired by liability insureds who cover doctors, medical groups, hospitals and nursing homes accused of malpractice. We represent these clients in court and in inquiries, preliminary hearings and before medical boards.